Yoga Sutra


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  2. To master in yoga Patanjali prescribes the following eight steps discipiline to attain the highter nature. This is called Yoga

    Patanjali's eight step discipline to yoga

    1 Yama: Restraining harmful thoughts and impulses.

    2 . Niyama: cultivating good habits
    3. Asana: Learning sitting postures suitable for prolong contemplation

    4. Pranayama: Learning the technique of rhythmic breathing.

    5. Pratyahara: withdrawing the senses from their objects of enjoyment

    6. Dharana: fixing the mind on the object of contemplation.

    7 . Dhyana: uninterrupted contemplation alsoo called meditation

    8. Samadhi : Total absorption of the mind in the object of contemplation

    all these steps are whole body mind soul purifier. Sincerely following of these practices will have tremendous overall benefit.

  3. Take Time
    Take time to THINK. It is the source of POWER.
    Take time to PLAY. It is the secret of perpetual YOUTH.
    Take time to be FRIENDLY.It is the road to HAPPINESS.
    Take time to LOVE.It is the God given PRIVILEGE.
    Take time to READ.It is the foundation of WISDOM
    Take time to PRAY.It is the greatest power on EARTH
    Take time to LAUGH.It is the music of the SOUL.
    Take time to GIVE. It is too short a day to be SELFISH.
    Take time to WORK.It is the price of SUCCESS
    Ancient Wisdom