1. How can we increase the Romance in daily life ?

    Life is a choice we make. To be romantic we need to see our life in beautiful, expanded terms.
    Read some of the best selling books on romance.
    Watch romantic movies.
    See your life as a beautiful and you want to enjoy every moment of it, say it loudly, things will start changing.
    "Automatic life" spoils the whole thing.
    Our enthusiasm,passion every thing dies when we act like a machine which we are doing in mechanical age.
    Romance has to feel from the heart, be with the nature and try to enjoy every moment, every objects , every animals,birds slowly.
    Practice it, make it a habit your romance has to grow in heart.All these small stuff are mental food, emotional food.
    Romantic person always values his life.
    So romance is a choice we make.We have to increase romantic nature consciously bit by bit.
    we need to observe, pay attention to life and look for small things happening around us and appreciate for the good thing.Collect daily joy,excitement, happiness etc from your daily life.Capture all those happy moments and revise more will become a total new romantic person in less time.

  2. To love and be loved !!

    Love and health go hand in hand:
    To love and be loved we have to be completly healthy , full with energy and radiate the energy so that others also can feel for it and attract for it.Mentally we have to feel it show and share it and energize others through it.

    Love is playfullness , like the way children plays and act and we love it.It is spontaneous,fully present,unguarded and able to be surprised.It does not have any rational, logical part it is a natural process

    to increase love we have to give 100% attention.Meditation is best to calm our mind, listening music, spending time with nature, spending time with hobby or loving one can free us and mobilize our creative energy.

    To increase love we have to avoid bad thing which mind does not like to do e.g bad place, bad habits,etc where mind does not enjoy.

    need to avoid negative thoughts.people does not like to love pessimistic minds.All negative emotions anger,fear,grief are grow from lack of self love.First we need to love ourselvs.we can not receive love from others untill we love ourselves.

    we can not demand love from others it comes automatically we have to influence others to get love.It is a natural process.we have maintain trust in relationship to get maximum love.
    Communication is the key to express love or emotions.Communications built or break the love.we need to share our feeling effectively to achieve the love.Best relationship is sharing,giving and accepting without expectation.Give without demands.Conditional love can not survive for long term.

  3. Helpfull fundamental techining from scripture...

    The common troubles of human life do not exist among the sub-human species. unlike them, we react subjectively to circumstances and tend to fret over them.We must accept five inevitable and unavoidable facts
    a) fullness of youth gives way to old age
    b) disease will come
    c) death will come
    d) everything dear to us is subject to change, decay and separation
    e) we reap the fruitsof our thoughts and actions, good and bad

    no one can escape these facts.To accept them and to apply certain basic principles strengthens us to develop peace of mind.
    Five active principles are relevent.
    we must
    a) lead an ethical life
    b) fulfill our duty consciously and lovingly to the best of our ability
    c) attach the greatest improtance to a cherished noble ideal that gives life meaning
    d) have unshakable faith in ourselves the innate goodness of others and God
    e) Strength our mind with sprituals thoughts

    five passive principles also apply to which we must be receptive
    the include
    a) becuase God's will is alwsys just, there is a highrer purpose to suffering
    b) suffering is God's gift of compassion for our spiritual growth
    c) seek another's opinion before rushing to judgement
    d) capacities differ in mankind , each must manifest their own potential
    e) do not find fault with others, concentrate on your own fault.

    we deceive ourselves if we perceive objectives of life subjectively.there are many common self deceptions.
    a) comparing ourselves with others
    b) evaluating objective circumstances incorrectly
    c) being overly egoistic
    d) fulfilling never ending desires
    e) maginifying imaginary troubles
    f) brooding over the past and future
    g) feeling insecure

    there are practical, effective spiritual principles to resolve each of them

    a) correct identification and valuation
    b) correct occupation
    c) correct selectivity
    d) correct decisiveness
    e) correct activity
    f) correct spirital path
    g) correct dietary guidelines
    h) correct use of Prana
    i) correct value of cheerfulness

  4. Influence , influence , influence to your boss, influence to your peers, influence to your spouse, influence to your girl friends/boy friends what not! But how to do it effectively....

    Influence is not some magic power only a few people have. Every person on the planet exercises influence all the time.Most of our energy are spends to influence. Influence is part of nearly every communication. It occurs in virtually every human interaction, every moment, every where. It is so fundamental to leadership that there could be no leadership without it.If we have power we are influencing if we don't have we are influencing max.

    We need to read others mind and help them with what they want to get the buy in from other.
    “Some people may be uncooperative because they are too busy elsewhere, and some because they are not really capable of helping. Others may well have goals, values,
    and beliefs that are quite different and in conflict with the manager’s and may therefore have no desire whatsoever to help or cooperate.” So we need to know exactly what it is and act on it to help each other.
    Interests, which play critical role, ask whether your request is aligned with the person’s interests and values. If not, then the person’s interests would not be well served by going along with you and, in this situation, most people most of the time will not willingly consent to be influenced.

    You may not be able to influence people the first time and in the first way you approach them. Influence is often a process rather than an event. Sometimes, the influence technique we are using is not one they respond well to. If we keep trying the same approach, we may create greater and greater resistance. If the influence technique we are using is not working, don’t keep doing the same thing. Try something else.

    Culture play significant role when we are influencing people. What works in Mexico may not work as well in Malaysia, just as the openness and informality typical in Australia, even in business settings, may not be as acceptable in Germany or the Netherlands (in
    fact, it could cause suspicion). Influence effectiveness depends in part on the conventions, values, and beliefs prevalent in every culture.

    People tend to assume that what they like, everyone else will like; that what works well for them will also work for others. This is the case because, by and large, most people believe that they are normal and that their view of reality is shared by most other people.

    If we are observant, if we listen to other people and observe their behavior and the environments they create for themselves, we can discover how best to influence most will build capability over period of time and soon it will become second nature.So consciously we need to make it a habit to build those observation skill.

    Our business has to have mutual benefit to get the effective influence with other.

    ........some more are there will soon come .....

  5. Greatest medical problem of the century.....reading from ….

    A conscious mind nurtured by spiritual thoughts, however can solve a; stress related problems.
    It is very important for all of us to consciou8sly guide our mind to pure thoughts. The new art of science and medicine, a current medical journal, the readers digest quoted a remarkably similar comment: "The only way of tackling human disease is by purifying the soul and changing its vitiates life stream"

    Mans belief that materialism, consumerism and ambition are desirable goals of life is the result of wrong tendencies rooted in immature minds. These are unspiritual goals that cause stress and illness. james allen calls them "Unlawful"

    To give life meaning we must constantly nurture our mid with good thoughts and good ideas,
    The mind affects our mental and physical state if health or disease.

    One's mental affliction or weakness afflicts others. We don not cultivate our mental; strength. We waste our mental energy in many ways. Our haphazard reading habits have no definite purpose. Our garrulous arguments are selfish and satisfy only our ego. We always interested in affairs of others with our best curiositty.we brood, we find fault, we feel superiors.
    A weak mind is an unhealthy mind. It will never find peace. A strong mind is identical to a peaceful mind. Healthy imagination plays key roles in curing disase.we have visualize excellence in our physical well being,
    Body and mind work together. The healing system is the way the body mobilizes all its resources to combat diasease; the belief system is often the activator of the healing system. How one responds intellectually, emotionally - to ones problem has a great deal to do wit the way the human body funxctions, One’s confidence or lack of it in the prospects of recovery from serious illness affects the chemistry if the body.
    The belief system converts hope, robust expectation and they will to live into plus factors in any context of forces involving disease, the belief system is no substitute for competent medical attention in serious illness or vice versa, both are essential, The belief system is not just a state of mind. It is a prime physochological reality. The greatest force in the human body is the natural drive of the body to heal itself=== but the force is not independent of the belief system, which can translate expectation into psychological change. Everything begins therefore with belief.

    Today’s world the greatest of diseases, rot cause of all disease is stress. Mental stress is root cause of all discase.we cannot avoid stress in today’s world, but we need to learn how to handle stress. Stress is killing people as most of us ignore it and internally it is causing lot of damage,
    Emotional insecurity leads to the major s\symptoms off worry, self pity anger, and depression. All physical ailments are provokes by emotional disturbance.
    Emotions are not generated sponteneously.our emotions flow from the thinking pattern of the mind. We need to train our mind to control emotions.
    Simple breathing exercise can control our mind in greatest way. It THE BEST technique to control the mind. Think infinity, dark and do pranayama.
    Heath is really a multidimensional phenomenon involving interdependent physical, psychological and social aspect. Physical disease may be balanced by a positive mental attitude and social support so that overall stare in one of well-being, other hand emotional problem cause person feel sick in spite of physical fitness.
    If we continue to cultivate the lower self by identifying with the body and mind, the unhealthy thoughts and feeling we harbor will cause u to have a mismanaged fate on our death bad. We can not live our entire lives nurturing our lower impulses and expect to get rid of them when the last, moment arrives