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Book on Software Product Development

Delivery Excellence in Software Product Development

This is the free e-book I have drafted. This book will provide inside into the world of organization issues while developing software products.
This book, Delivery Excellence in software Product Development by Chandan Lal Patary
is having all these chapters.
  • Chapter One:
Productivity Improvement through Right Governance
  • Chapter Two:
Organizational Survival know-how in Transforming Era
  • Chapter Three:
Challenges in Smart Grid Project Execution, View from a Manager
  • Chapter Four:
Challenges with quality assurance for distributed agile team and research based product development
  • Chapter Five:
Lean software testing for increasing customer value and reduce execution cycle time
  • Chapter Six:
Process for software product development effort estimation and benchmarking of industrial applications
  • Chapter Seven:
Rapid Product Delivery through Collaborative Release Management
  • Chapter Eight:
Cultural Transformation: Transitioning from Plan Driven to Value Driven Delivery
  • Chapter Nine:
Operational excellence through Agile Practices
  • Chapter Ten:
Large Scale Software Project Execution

  • Chapter Eleven:
Bringing Success through Agility in Software Development
  • Chapter Twelve:
Innovation for Survival: An inside look into the World of Innovation Know-How
  • Chapter Thirteen:
Gamifying Agile projects to Drive Employee Engagement and Increase Performance
  • Chapter Fourteen:
Contribution from an agile coach for Organizational Transformation Journey
  • Chapter Fifteen:
Collaboration Effectiveness: A must for Program Management Execution Excellence

 Who Am I ?

I am doing Research on Organization Development and Sustenance. I am a Practitioner and I am capturing
my analysis and sharing my observation through my Writing. My focus areas are Operation Excellence,
Innovation, Strategy, Execution excellence and correlation with People Leadership and impact of all
these into Organizational growth.

I am currently working as agile coach and Global Program manager at ABB. I have nearly two decades
of deep experience in developing software products across various domains and has successfully executed many Projects. I have worked on product development for domain like Healthcare, Aerospace, Building automation, Power automation, Industrial Automaton under real time mission critical product development to large scale application development. I am having near to two decade of industry experience. I am a certified PMP from 2008, Green Belt certified holder from 2005.

I am an agile practioner and Certified Scrum Master from 2011. I completed Bachelor’s from National Institute of Technology (National Institute of Technology –Agartala, Tripura) in Electrical Engineering-1998. I have completed one year Executive General Management program from Indian Institute of Management-
Bangalore, Karnataka in 2007.

I was the Speaker at PMPC -2013 conference PMI-Bangalore, on “Organizational
Survival know-how in Transforming Era”
I was the Speaker at Agile in Business – Conference-2013, Bangalore, on “Effective
usages of Metrics for Agile project”, Received Star speaker recognition.
I was the Speaker at ICSE conference-2013, Bangalore, on “Software Effort
Estimation -Industrial Product development”
I was the Speaker at India Testing week -2013 Bangalore, on “Challenges with Agile
testing process and How to debug and troubleshoot these Challenges”
I was the speaker for 14th Annual International Software Testing Conference 2014
(STC 2014) scheduled for December 4th - 5th, 2014 in Bangalore.
I am sharing all my learning and know-hows through these book.

Please share your review comments.

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