Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yercuad in Taminadu my view

One of the temple in Yercuad, full with peace and surrounded by hills.There were not much people when i have been there, might be best place for meditation.
could not identify which God or Goddess this idol is!! but looks like many idols are there.There whole area might be several acres of land where the temple is built.
people  should spent time to get the mental peace, i could not spent much time as i had checklist where number of items to be completed before certain timeline! recommendation is people should spend some time here to realize the natural beauty.
There used be a waterfall now completely dried up, at rainy days no body dared to reach this far !! 
 where ever i see view is silent, peace, tranquility and green with fresh smell of air !! we can echo our sound against these mountain walls !!

eniter are completed surrounded by rocky mountain, we had to get down several ft at the base of the mountain, it took 30 mins for us with all these energetic children to reach the base.
Can i become baby again?

come let us forget everything and lost with nature ! we tried to do so during our tour in mountain !!
can i become like this tree and provide shadow to millions with my wisdom and knowledge in future !!

hear the voice of leaves? air ? 

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