Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Journey to Shravanabelagola ,Halebidu and Belur
Started very early in the morning !! at 5.00 AM , off-course not by our own cars ! we hired one tempo traveler car for all of us.On the way it was drizzling 

The area is full with Jain temple. We have been to all the temples.
Most of the idols are Mahaveera's. These sites are proposed world heritage sites.
Puja was going on when we were there.
the scenic beauty of the place was excellent.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yercuad in Taminadu my view

One of the temple in Yercuad, full with peace and surrounded by hills.There were not much people when i have been there, might be best place for meditation.
could not identify which God or Goddess this idol is!! but looks like many idols are there.There whole area might be several acres of land where the temple is built.
people  should spent time to get the mental peace, i could not spent much time as i had checklist where number of items to be completed before certain timeline! recommendation is people should spend some time here to realize the natural beauty.
There used be a waterfall now completely dried up, at rainy days no body dared to reach this far !! 
 where ever i see view is silent, peace, tranquility and green with fresh smell of air !! we can echo our sound against these mountain walls !!

eniter are completed surrounded by rocky mountain, we had to get down several ft at the base of the mountain, it took 30 mins for us with all these energetic children to reach the base.
Can i become baby again?

come let us forget everything and lost with nature ! we tried to do so during our tour in mountain !!
can i become like this tree and provide shadow to millions with my wisdom and knowledge in future !!

hear the voice of leaves? air ? 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Agile leader

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is
done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”
–Lao Tzu
Agile leader:
a) Agile leaders should commit themselves to helping and serving others, not to make them follow.
b) Agile leaders renounce the hierarchical view of the organization and, instead, demonstrate
a sense of community and shared management.
c) Agile leader quit the command-and-control behaviors and impose their own criteria and values through
the use of coercive power.
d) Agile leaders will listen and demonstrate empathy with those working with them – not for them
e) Agile leaders will constantly communicate a vision and a purpose that will be created by everyone in the company, not just the management board, and they will constantly show a full commitment to the improvement and development of individuals, the company, and the community.
f) Agile leaders will inspire everyone in the darkest hours and remain as the last standing man when it comes to defending an Agile view of the organization. 
g) Agile leaders will make sure that Agile implementation process goes on and constantly strengthen the common vision by continuous follow-up
h) Agile leaders will foster an agile culture Practices such as high customer involvement, testing early, and collaborative decision making promote an agile mentality throughout the company.

Monday, January 14, 2013

These are my favorite time pass. I sketch hours together when no body is around.Most of the time i think about the subject.I visualize the matter , look from multiple dimensions and then sketch.All my sketches are carrying double meaning.The way viewer looks at the picture he/she will derive his / her own interpretation.