Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mahalaya Morning at Kovalam!
We have just landed from Kovalam and Kanyakumari after 4 days in Beach . I have spent 4 days with full focus to invoke Goddess Durga during our most celebrating Durga Puja.The power of Shakti.I have visited more than 12 pandals to pray Goddess and satisfy my stomach with varities of foods!
Meet several people who are praying Goddess Durga and asking left and right ! to fulfill their wish for this year 2012.

In different format , in different color, in different appearance, in different parking places i met her, pray her and ask my wish!
Sarva Mangal Mungaley Shivey shorvatha Sadhakey Sharnney Trayamvkey Gouri Narayani Namstutey!!

Om Dum Durgai Namha !! Every year i pray for peace and prosperity , mostly for me and sometime for Mankind! it gives mental peace and help to control the mind.

All family members come together and pray the women power - Shakthi , Durga Durgati nashini !

Day and Night , 4 days we were roaming and eating , praying and connecting with families.
Thinking Dashami has come what to do next !

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