Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When can i ask to Double my Salary!!?

Everybody wants to get more money. But interest can be satisfied in multiple ways. To start the negotiation for salary hike, the value we add to the organization has to demonstrate with greater tangible way. How can we differentiate our contribution with others in the same organization? If we are contributing significantly with greater responsibility we should be in a position demand for greater salary hike.

Does the company really need me? Compare with someone with similar expertise/experience/skill set that can take my position easily?

Would it take long time to train my roles/jobs if someone, he/she takes over me?

Would operation suffer significantly if i leave today?

Would it possible for my organization to hire someone easily with same skill/experience and same salary like me?

How my skill sets value in outside market?

Will i be able to get the job outside with better pay and with better working condition?

Will i be happy with my skill set somewhere else?

Can i sustain without any job for long time?

Can i get the non-cash benefits, Perks, more valuable than salary if Organization cannot pay huge cash benefits?

If all the above questions are answered as yes, than we can go ahead with the aggressive negotiation with the current organization. We should not be shy in asking for high salary.

Can we answer below question with all “YES”?

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