Monday, May 7, 2012

What makes Employees Happy?

Every individual wants to use his talent and wants to do something for this world good or bad. By doing that he/she feels satisfaction. Maslow said that each person has the same needs and that we all spend each day satisfying one or more of those needs.

Need to satisfy hunger, thirst, sleep etc:
Getting our first job, struggling to get the job…..
Need to be secure + safe, out of danger:
Our next jump for higher salary! Branded organization, , getting more salary, knowing more and more about the job, domain,
Need to belong and love and be loved:
Ready to settle down in life, want buy car, house, spouse, friends…outing..
Need to achieve to be recognized
Getting promotion as executive vice president, got reward in seminar for writing a patent
Need for self-actualization.
Continuously contributing to the society through experience, knowledge, innovating idea, mentoring team members

Where are you in the ladder? What are you doing to climb this ladder? Every individual will climb this ladder in various time frame. How do these needs get satisfied in average job?
Which phase are you? Survival level? Or prestige level? Give it a thought
We are in knowledge age , where our growth sustains more and more we know about the job and learn from the job to climb this hierarchy.

Following are the ten qualities that people want most from their jobs as reported by the public Agenda Foundation, 1983

a) To work for efficient Managers
b) To think for themselves
c) To see the end results of their work
d) To be assigned interesting work
e) To be informed
f) To be listened to
g) To be respected
h) To be recognized for their effort
i) To be challenged
j) To have opportunity for increased skill development
Maslow’s law and all the above 10 points engage employees significantly to their work and they contribute Most.
Employees need to differentiate between Need and Greed.
The most basic needs are survival and Security.Once these needs are met nurturing needs (belonging and Love) are at the second level.When first two levels of needs are satisfied ,individual seeks opportunity to grow, develop and achieve in their field.Individual who are functioning at the survival level they tend to be Negative while those who are performing at growth level they tend to positive.

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