Monday, May 7, 2012

On the Path to Become a Charismatic Leader….

“Divinely inspired gift.” In the study of leadership, charisma is a special quality of


Jane A. Halpert performed a statistical analysis of the effects charismatic leaders have on followers, and found that three dimensions are the most important. One key dimension is  others because of one’s desirable traits and characteristics. If we like a leader, he or she might be able to exercise referent power. Another dimension is  abilities. An important part of Steve Jobs’ charisma stems from his expert powers reflected in imagining and designing electronic devices such as the iMac and iPod.
A third dimension of charismatic leadership is the ability to get group members excited about their work, or to experience
Job involvement is a key component of job satisfaction, and one empirical study has provided evidence of the relationship between charismatic leadership and job satisfaction.
The outstanding characteristic of charismatic leaders is that they are charismatic, and therefore they can attract, motivate, or lead others! They also have other distinguishing characteristics.
a) Charismatic leaders are
of where the organization is headed and how to get there.
b) Charismatic leaders also have
language and exciting metaphors and analogies.
c) Another key characteristic is the ability to inspire
d) Charismatic leaders have an energy and action orientation. Like entrepreneurs, most charismatic leaders are energetic and serve as role models forgetting things done on time. Emotional expressiveness and warmth are also notable.
e) A key characteristic of charismatic leaders is the ability to express
f) Another trait of charismatic leaders is that they romanticize
g) In addition to treasuring risk, charismatic leaders use unconventional strategies to achieve success. The charismatic leader
inspires others by formulating unusual strategies to achieve important goals.
h) A final strategy for becoming more charismatic leader is really an amalgam of the ideas already introduced: being
dramatic and unique in significant, positive ways is a major contributor to charisma.
I am walking through this path……coming across many mentors who are having all the above characteristics, I am admiring them and practicing all the skills to become a charismatic leader……are you?
visionary because they offer an exciting imagemasterful communication skills. To inspire people, the charismatic leader uses colorfultrust.feelings openly.Risk. They enjoy risk so much that they feel empty in its
Referent power, the ability to influenceExpert power, the ability to influence others because of one’s specialized knowledge, skills, or Job involvement

Charisma is a Greek word meaning leaders whose purposes, powers, and extraordinary determination differentiate them from others.
A case in point is Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. and Pixar, whose name surfaces frequently in discussions of charisma. Several years ago he was nominated Time magazine person of the year by an entertainment executive, and given this accolade: “He is a true visionary who continues to lead the technological revolution. Year after year, Apple creates must-have products that shape how we live our lives. Jobs and Apple continue to lead us into a wonderful new technological future.”
Charismatic leaders use impression management to deliberately cultivate a certain relationship with group members. In other words, they take steps to create a favorable, successful impression, recognizing that the perceptions of constituents
determine whether they function as charismatic leaders.

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