Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A introspection into the Organizational Business Process?

A introspection into the Organizational Business Process?

A Organizational Business Process is a set of functions in a certain sequence that delivers at the end a value for an internal or external client. It is a flow of execution of certain steps to achieve certain goal with an execution speed.

This means every process is a defined subset of an overall organization.
Each organizational unit is assigned to a responsible person, who is generally called the “process owner.” Because the process delivers a value for a customer, its Performance can always be measured on the basis of this value.

The result is a customer-focused organization because the customer basically sets the metrics by which the process performance is measured. It can react quickly to the market since trends are reflected in changing customer requests.

Every function in a process can again be interpreted as a process by itself, a so-called subprocess. This subprocess is triggered by the previous subprocess (or the overall starting event) and delivers a result of value for the next subprocess (or
the final customer and his processes, if it is the last subprocess of an end-to-end Organization Focus: Who (people, departments, enterprises, etc.) is involved in the process?
• Functional Focus:
What functions are carried out within the process?
• Data Driven Management:
What data (information) are needed or produced in the process?Deliverables: What are the deliverables of the process, why do I need it?
• Control Mechanism:

How do all those views fit together, that means who is doing what by means of which data to produce which deliverables and in which logical sequence are the functions carried out?
process). Such a hierarchical decomposition of a process allows increasingly higher detail of examination of the process.

However, the key is to start with an end-to-end view, ensuring an overall process orientation. Manager in the organization is the inspector who monitors those process capabilities with effective measurement and work for continuous improvement.

Process innovation is the key for an excellence execution capability.
Organization should have model which explains that a business process can be described from five different areas:

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