Saturday, February 11, 2012

What i am doing to sustain in recession market and making myself recession proof!!

I had passed bachelor degree in Electrical engineering, started career with Computer engineering, worked most of the time Embedded software development for various domains and product line and moved into software project management for software application development to people management to business management,the fact is we are changing our job pattern and jobs so fast it is important to articulate the skills we have developed and then relate the same to new opportunities.when we change career for us it is improtant to high light the transferable skills.

Transferable skills = high employability skills

We all have acquired some abilities and we have born with few.
What we have acquired we called those "Skill" and what we have born with named "Talent"

What i am doing with those???

I am doing one thing that is very important—keeping an eye on job market trends. During a period of rapid change and less job security,i must continuously study workplace trends and assess my career preparation.

Louis S. Richman, in a Fortune magazine article entitled “How to Get Ahead in America,” said, “Climbing in your career calls for being clear about your personal goals, learning how to add value, and developing skills you can take anywhere.”
Richard Bolles, author of the best-selling job hunting book, What Color Is Your Parachute?, says you must do a systematic inventory of the transferable skills that you already possess, and then identify
the skills that you still need to develop.
Keep in mind that today’s employers demand more, so be prepared to add value to the company from
day one. Search for your employer’s toughest problems and make yourself part of the solutions.

We all have already developed some important transferable work skills in school. If we have worked on group projects, then we have no doubt developed skills in the areas of collaboration and conflict resolution.

In today's world uncertainty is very high , pressure is very high on employee.
Many people are going through the same thing in today’s ever-changing world of mergers, acquisitions,terminations, layoffs, and company closings.we need to find time to compile an inventory of transferable skills you have developed as an employee.

What is this transferable skill ?

it is a skill and abilities anybody have acquired during any activity in our life by doing jobs,classes,seminars,social work anything.
We have to prepare a worksheet for our own transferable skill.

Say i am a father of 2 kids what skill i have acquired by playing that role
Human relation, teaching, time management, patience,Psychology,

My sample transferable skill inventory list could be :

a) Solve problem
b) Supervise others
c) Computer skills
d) Result oriented
e) Ability to plan
f) Meet deadline
g) team player
h)  speak in public
i) Can draw , sketch
j) Play instrument

there are many more....which we need to keep sustain in this volatile market

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