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Stakeholder analysis checklist.....why do i have to care for my all stakeholders?

Who should control the corporation? How? And for the pursuit of what goals?
Historically, the corporation was controlled by its owners – through direct control of the managers if not through direct management – for the pursuit of economic goals. But as shareholding became dispersed, owner control weakened; and as the corporation grew to very large size, its economic actions came to have increasing social consequences. The giant, widely held corporation came increasingly under the implicit control of its managers, and the concept of social responsibility – the voluntary consideration of public social goals alongside the private economic ones – arose to provide a basis of legitimacy for their actions.- Henry Mintzberg

Checklist for Understanding key stakeholders:

Ø  What financial or emotional interest do they have in the outcome of "XYZ" project work? Is it positive or negative?
Ø  What motivates them most of all?
Ø  What information do they want from "XYZ" project?
Ø  How do they want to receive information from "XYZ" project? What is the best way of communicating your message to them?
Ø  What is their current opinion of my work? Is it based on good information?
Ø  Who influences their opinions generally, and who influences their opinion of me? Do some of these influencers therefore become important stakeholders in their own right?
Ø  If they are not likely to be positive, what will win them around to support my project?
Ø  If i don't think i will be able to win them around, how will i manage their opposition?
Ø  Who else might be influenced by their opinions? Do these people become stakeholders in their own right?

Checklist for identifying stakeholders
Ø  have all the primary and secondary stakeholders been listed?
Ø  have all potential supporters and opponents of the project "XYZ" been identified?
Ø  have primary stakeholders been divided into groups?
Ø  have the interests of vulnerable groups been identified?
Ø  are there any new primary or secondary stakeholders that are likely to emerge as a result of the project?
Ø  How the project big picture connected with all the identified stakeholders? do we have any dependent stakeholders?
Checklist for drawing out interests

Ø  what are the stakeholder's expectations from the "XYZ" project?
Ø  what benefits are there likely to be for the stakeholders?
Ø  what resources will the stakeholder wish to commit (or avoid committing) ?
Ø  what other interests does the stakeholder have which may conflict with the "XYZ" project?
Ø  how does the stakeholder regard others in the list? 
Checklist for assessing which stakeholders are important for project success
Ø  which problems, affecting which stakeholders, does the project seek to address or alleviate?
Ø  for which stakeholders does the project place a priority on meeting their needs, interests and expectations?
Ø  which stakeholder interests converge most closely with "XYZ" project objectives?

Identifying assumptions and risks about stakeholders

Ø  What is the role or response of the key stakeholder that must be assumed if the "XYZ" project is to be successful?
Ø  are these roles plausible and realistic? Who can clarify if require?
Ø  are there negative responses which can be expected, given the interests of the stakeholder?
Ø  if such responses occur what impact would they have on the "XYZ" project ?
Ø  how probable are these negative responses, and are they major risks?

Capture all the information into the below format for review.

Stakeholders Analysis
Who are my Stakeholders?
What are their Interest?
Influence / Power of my Stakeholders
Level of Interest
How they can help me?
Strategy / Communication to the Stakeholder
Stakeholders satisfaction measurement parameters

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