Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How i have controlled attrition?

Why employee can not leave organization?

We need to retain good people to do good business, so it is important to retain people for organizational sustenance especially if organization is working something very unique.

Growth in terms of knowledge or position is the key for employee engagement. Somewhere every individual would like to grow. In every discussion manager try to identify the gap , what are the needs of an employee and manager try his level to best to bridge those gap is the best way to satisfy employee.

When a manager does not perform this gap analysis then attrition increases.
Organization has to promote its star performer. For that manager has to keep hunt for new opportunity, new area for growth, new position has to be created.
Manager has to communicate about the various plans about the project, organizational movement, and upcoming event for employee engagement.
Manager has to work with employee. There should not be a significant gap. If Manager is working in distributed environment he/she has to connect with his employee on frequency basis and understand the concern or issue. we have to connect connect and connect with our employee then we will be able to map their movement and help if require. We need to empower them, mentor them, groom them and create instance in front of them.
We need to learn and share all the knowledge so that employee can learn and grow in organization. Need to share our experience, need to show the bigger picture and tell the right thing. we need to encourage employee whenever we get the opportunity to do that. Look for small appreciating moment where we can apprise our team members. we need to reward employee and encourage others to contribute next time into the achievement path.
We have to create a environment where everybody would love to a partner. Where they should not feel stress and place to provide value. We need to maintain the professional environment with lot of humor spread around. Help employee emotionally as an when needed. Emotional support helps a lot to increasing the bonding among ourselves. Team outing helps a lot to increase bonding among team members.

Employee would love to know about the organization strategy, stability of the work, road map, vision and they would love to part with a team which is winning and progressing and using best of the industrial knowledge.
Manager has to facilitate and create the environment. Today’s world, which is knowledge intensive and every body has to continuously learn though different channels, managers need to create the environment for employee’s growth,
if some individual who has high ambition, and having desire to grow very fast where organization is not able to grow very fast those are few exceptional cases where manager would allow them to go and these attrition can not be controlled which is beyond organization capacity.
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