Sunday, February 19, 2012

I am a GENERAL MANAGER !!! do i know what i am supposed to do as a GM?
Can i write a storybook of few pages on below questions? if not, how can i maximize these knowledge?

  • Do i have understanding of how my company makes money?
  • Do i uses financial and quantitative information effectively to manage?
  • Do i have an understanding of how my customers make money?
  • Do i have an understanding of the market (necessary to add value to
    customer relationships)
  • Do i have an understanding of how My competitors relate to the customers?
  • Do i have an understanding of the industry beyond customer
  • Do i have customer relationships at multiple levels ?
  • Do i have solid technical knowledge of my company’s processes?
  • Do i have solid computer and Internet skills?
  • Do i have a sincere interest in developing your employees and yourself?
  • Do i have ability to get a job from the market in minimal time frame?
  • Do i understand the issues,trends and perspectives of various cultures and countries?
  • Do i make decisions that enhance organizational profitability?
  • Do i have enough abilities to initiates and develop relationship with others? relates to people in an open,friendly,accepting manners? 
  • Do i have abilities to brings substantive conflicts and disagreement into the open and attempt to resolve them collaboratively,build consensus?

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