Thursday, January 26, 2012

On innovation:
How can we increase innovation in our culture?
Knowledge: Principle, tool and technique of creatively and innovation

Process of these principles, tools and technique to solve critical business problem. This will be a framework through which more idea generates
People to drove the innovation at workplace

We need to trigger the thought process of the team members by many ways.
Problem statement is one area, which will create opportunity for idea generation. What else can we do? What else? What else? Who can help us ? customers, stakeholders? We have to think out of the box in the problem area, look at the business process if process is supporting for best output or there are some scope for improvement area is there…

Leaders has to create a environment where ideas grows like sapling, need to pour water, fertilizer to grow…leaders has to ensures that all team members opinion are important and encourage all members to contribute. No criticism. Write as much as possible, writing clears the idea coming and free flow of the thought, use mind map or drawing technique to dump as much information as possible. Leaders play significant role to drive the idea generation. Leader can influence, demands for new ideas. Optimistic leaders believe the every individual is unique and can have potential to come up with new idea provide right environment has been provided.

A leader does not have to be a domain expert or subject matter expert but he/she should know how to ask right questions? How to stimulate thought provoking questions? All team members have to think like child, curious like a child to get healthy ideas. Need to create a environment of playfulness and humor.

Problem will be in the form of clutter like garbage piles in the picture, structured mind will able to identify the different way to solve problem and generating ideas.
Team members should not jump with an idea, like onion, idea needs to peel to reach the root of the ideas. Creative has to be there or need to do exercise to improve it.
The definition of creativity is the ability to develop new, useful, and unexpected alternatives to solve problems or take advantage of opportunities.
Another definition:” Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.”

Go for bulk of ideas, wild ideas, so that we can brainstorm on those ideas, look for quantity not quality at initial stage.

More than 50 years ago Göran Ekvall in Sweden was evaluating
suggestion systems for Volvo. He discovered that human factors
were critically important but had been largely ignored. This led
him to do his groundbreaking work on the climate for innovation.
He identified 10 factors associated with creativity:
1. Challenge—To what degree are people challenged and emotionally
involved by the work?
2. Freedom—To what degree are people to decide how to do their jobs?
3. Idea time—Do people have time to think through before taking action?
4. Dynamism—How lively is the organization?
5. Support for ideas
6. Trust and openness
7. Playfulness and humor
8. Conflicts—To what degree do people engage in interpersonal conflicts?
9. Debates—To what degree do people engage in lively debates about the
10. Risk taking—Is it OK to fail?

We have to build a positive climate for innovation. Team members has to reward for good ideas. Leaders have to ensure that negative culture goes away from the system. Encourage people to do mistake and learn from it. Share other innovation ideas to generate chain of ideas.
Once we finalize the idea, we have to play a devils advocate to challenge different way to validate the idea. All members should have trust on each other to establish the idea and take it to a path breaking idea. Team members should have patience to create a great idea. Team needs high level of energy to create a path breaking idea. Team needs different combination of people to get diversified ideas. Leaders need to ensure some dedicated time for idea discussion in a week. Too much routine work kills the creativity of people.

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