Tuesday, January 31, 2012

on PMO

What I have learned from my PMO days: A success story to share with which can be reproduce in a single click.....

As Project management office member I have done many of things which I would like to highlight which can be reproduce by anybody who wants to start with PMO....
To start with we have done gap analysis of the program and come with action plan for our PMO with my VP and other stakeholders.
we have prepared a PMO charter and action plan for us for 1 year...
I have started with below activities strainght forward..

I am supposed to share the project management best practices with my all programs.DONE continesouly
I am supposed to establish standards,templates,establish communication channel, resource loading and enhance PMI best practices across locations.Done religiously
I am supposed to update upper business manager regarding the projects progress.Done religiously
I am supposed to provide training on PMI areas to other upcoming PMs.Done religiously
I am supposed to review estimation, provide guidelines.Done religiously
I am supposed to identify the tools and deploy those and show the results. We have done few in each area like Risk, schedule,test automation,requirement management and shown siginificant progressed.

The program was not producing any output for long time and leading into disastrous so it was important to establish PMO organization which will guide all PMs to talk same langues, provide same data, same vision statement, common goal and as PMO we should drive to achive all these.

The knowledge sharing session on CMMI practices, estomaton techniques, PMI areas to all PMs was effective where we have collected the feedback from the team to improve the PMO areas.
We have centralized the data and information portal and easy access to gloablay from top to bottom level , information was totally transparent.
All the services PMO was offering was communicated with a newsletter and same model has been taken into other large programs.In the newsletter reporting metrics and measurement was defined and followed same across the sites globally.

PMO achieved in 9 months all the below items

a) Created and maintained master program schedules in centralized tool
b) Supported resource decision management and delegation as common communication forum and protocol followed
c) Maintained issue tracking and reporting in centralized tool and status displayed in dashboard
d) Developing best practices for the organization and shared frequently
e) Establishing and enforcing standards and practices through biweekly newsletter
F) Producing metrics for the PMO and the projects and program that are supported
under its umbrella
G) Generating a consolidated dashboard of project and program information;
this allows for an apples-to-apples comparison of projects and programs
H) Supporting the portfolio process by providing streamlined information and
helping with decisions that need to be carried out
i) Training the staff and program stakeholders on processes and procedures
The support to run this PMO was from VP of the organization and continuously we are showing value for this investment, top level buy in was always there.
Once everything established and everybody started religiously following all the defined action PMO vision was to sustain the momentum and focus of some other high priority.coping up with the changing business dynamics and sustain and spread the same message of benefits for other projects……..at later period of time we have gone into continuous development mode for PMO tasks
How was my appraisal ?
a) How many training i have provided?
b) how was the stake holder satisfaction index for PMO?
c) how many failures avoided because of right report? early detection if any instance?
d) what was the investment of tool cost and benefit analysis (Value generation)?
i have got immense exposure due to this role....share your thoughts and let me know where could i have improved....

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