Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why I am not getting selected in interview? Why company is not hiring me? Where I am not doing good? Why destiny is so cruel with me ? why why please tell me….

I have taken 1000 of interview, I have attended 100 of interview just to know where I stand, what organization want, am I doing excellent? Am I on track with the organizational trend ? if I take care all this aspects will I successful ? answer is NO, you will be closer to success, but you can not change your destiny !

I have been doing research on this subject …..

We have to find a process everywhere and identify a framework, which should work for all of us.
Our CV is brand builder for us,CV is the sales document. CV should talk on its own based on the need. CV should tell what interviewer can do for the organization based on the last performance. We have to change our CV based on the job requirement. So that is one hard work, which we have to do with lot of research about the organization. The more we grow in our experience, this work will increase. CV is the first level entry point towards the interview. We need to add as many keywords as possible so that it get maximum hit when interviewer search for a candidate. CV should talk about all the achievements.

We need to bridge the gap regarding what is the need and where we stand.
Am I the right person for the job
What is my requirement, money, position, cool life, lot of work pressure, balance between family life and personal life, on site blah blah.
The moment I identified my need I am in right position to crack any interview.
Organization hires based on the candidates skills and experience .Of course everybody will not have all the required experiences but attitude towards the learning, growth is most important criteria for selection.
Confident is the key to crack to interview, which comes when we become subject matter experts which organizations need is. We have to rehearse, talk with the experts, read a lot on that subject to build the confidence. Our body language talks about the confidence. The way we sit, the way to communicate all this matters.
We have to mock, we have to simulate, we have to visualize, we have to do whatever to build the confidence. Prepartion makes the difference. The best skilled person may not get the job if he/she is not prepared well.
Organization hires on good attitude and skills and fires on bad attitude.

Human mind is like iceberg. We can access most of the personality in short discussion. So in interview most of the time we get situational based open-ended question to get into the deeper into the human mind. Through those situational questions interviewer can assess the attitude and values of the individuals.

During interview we need to build authority, credibility and rapport. First 2-3 minutes is very crucial during interview where perception starts building. Research says that interviewers make their minds up within the first 2 minutes and spend rest of their time gathering evidence to support that decision. Candidates need to match the frequency with the interview panel. People like people that are like themselves. Matching and mirroring is an indicator of rapport. For that we have to practice and build those expertises.
What will be the flow chart?
1-Build attitude - > I am going to get the job
2- CV should have all the accomplish to the believe that we are going to get the job
3- which organization key word, work area, strength, weakness, rehearse those points
4- visualize you are attending the interview and you are answering etc etc questions
5- at the D day reach on time , be like a detective, collect as much information as possible and visualize about the interview
6- at the time of interview , apply all the expertise to connect with the interviewer


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