Saturday, January 28, 2012

On Influence.....How influence friends,others.....
influence , influence to your boss, influence to your peers, influence to your spouse, influence to your girl friend/boy friend what not! But how to ……

Influence is not some magic power only a few people have. Every person on the planet exercises influence all the time. Influence is part of nearly every communication. It occurs in virtually every human interaction. It is so fundamental to leadership that there
could be no leadership without it.

We need to read others mind and help them with what they want.

“Some people may be uncooperative because they are too busy elsewhere, and some because they are not really capable of helping. Others may well have goals, values,
and beliefs that are quite different and in conflict with the manager’s and may therefore have no desire whatsoever to help or cooperate.” So we need to know exactly what it is and act on it.
Interests, which play critical role, ask whether your request is aligned with the person’s interests and values. If not, then the person’s interests would not be well served by going along with you and, in this situation, most people most of the time will not willingly consent to be influenced.

You may not be able to influence people the first time and in the first way you approach them. Influence is often a process rather than an event. Sometimes, the influence technique we are using is not one they respond well to. If we keep trying the same approach, we may create greater and greater resistance. If the influence technique we are using is not working, don’t keep doing the same thing. Try something else.

Culture play significant role when we are influencing people. What works in Mexico may not work as well in Malaysia, just as the openness and informality typical in Australia, even in business settings, may not be as acceptable in Germany or the Netherlands (in
fact, it could cause suspicion). Influence effectiveness depends in part on the conventions, values, and beliefs prevalent in every culture.

People tend to assume that what they like, everyone else will like; that what works well for them will also work for others. This is the case because, by and large, most people believe that they are normal and that their view of reality is shared by most other people.

If you are observant, if you listen to other people and observe their behavior and the environments they create for themselves, you can discover how best to influence most people.

Our business has to have mutual benefit to get the effective influence with other.

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