Thursday, January 26, 2012

Neck pain

Neck pain:

I have been suffering from chronic back pain for last several years. Exploring different way of reducing the pain. Consulting with various experts to minimize the pain. what input I am getting in Yoga is the best way of reducing the pain , nothing else will work out. As my profession demands to sit for long duration in front of the desk, so I am not expecting to reduce the back pain. I am decided that I have to live with back pain.
Neck, back pains are related to spine. in medical terminology neck pain affecting the cervical spine is called Cervical spondylysis.This pain could spread over to both sides of shoulders, the back side of the next , the collar bone and the shoulders joins. In certain cases, the pain might be in both the arms and also in the arms joints.

Allopathic doctor recommends me most of the time to do pain killer medicines, heat compression and collar on the neck. It helps when pain is extreme. but for long term solution we have to do yoga.

Cause and cure

The causes of neck pain can be several,. it could be die to regular use of a very high pillow under the head while sleeping.
Or we are using keeping the head bent in particular posture for long hours instead of keeping it erect.
            Or wrong bed mattress.
Or it could be rigidity of the muscle and nerves in the neck and shoulder areas, which obstruct the proper circulation of blood.

Yogic method of treatment covers
a)      Taking proper diet
b)      Correcting the errors and faulty habit
c)      Practice some selected yoga asana

We have to use thin pillow while sleeping and should avoid excessive bending of the neck. The rigidity of the muscle and the condition of defective circulation of blood will be automatically correct

I have been practicing below yoga exercise

First week:
            Vrikshna asana, Trikona asana and Bhujanga asana
Followed by shava asna for 3 minutes

From second week onwards we have to practice below 6 asana. We have to do 4 round daily if possible. The more we do benefit will be immediate.
a)      Vrkshna asana
b)      Trikona asana
c)      Bhujanga asa
d)      Gomukha asana
      e)      Veera asana

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