Thursday, January 26, 2012

Help full fundamental teaching
.....reading from scripture...
The common troubles of human life do not exist among the sub-human species. unlike them, we react subjectively to circumstances and tend to fret over them.We must accept five inevitable and unavoidable facts
a) fullness of youth gives way to old age
b) disease will come
c) death will come
d) everything dear to us is subject to change, decay and separation
e) we reap the fruits of our thoughts and actions, good and bad
no one can escape these facts.To accept them and to apply certain basic principles strengthens us to develop peace of mind.
Five active principles are relevant.
we must
a) lead an ethical life
b) fulfill our duty consciously and lovingly to the best of our ability
c) attach the greatest importance to a cherished noble ideal that gives life meaning
d) have unshakable faith in ourselves the innate goodness of others and God
e) Strength our mind with spirituals thoughts
five passive principles also apply to which we must be receptive
the include
a) because God's will is always just, there is a higher purpose to suffering
b) suffering is God's gift of compassion for our spiritual growth
c) seek another opinion before rushing to judgement
d) capacities differ in mankind , each must manifest their own potential
e) do not find fault with others, concentrate on your own fault.
we deceive ourselves if we perceive objectives of life subjectively.there are many common self deceptions.
a) comparing ourselves with others
b) evaluating objective circumstances incorrectly
c) being overly egoistic
d) fulfilling never ending desires
e) magnifying imaginary troubles
f) brooding over the past and future
g) feeling insecure
there are practical, effective spiritual principles to resolve each of them
a) correct identification and valuation
b) correct occupation
c) correct selectivity
d) correct decisiveness
e) correct activity
f) correct spiritual path
g) correct dietary guidelines
h) correct use of Prana
i) correct value of cheerfulness

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