Sunday, January 29, 2012

Career Growth !!
Career war? How to sustain in this battlefield? Ways to climb up in the organization ….

As a employee we have to create our own brand. We should not compromise our own brand building.
Organization will never compromise on quality. Organization will always promote or choose the right candidate to enhance its business. We create our own brand based on our action and people judge us based on our output. We have to create a bigger vision where we are helping continuously others and organization. We have to build our knowledge base and spread the knowledge so that others get benefit out of it.
We have to set our career path very clearly and execute our level best to achieve the goal. We need to identify the Gap in the organization and help organization to bridge those gaps. Through this way we will get recognition easily. There may be plenty of gap requirement, we need to pick the essential immediate requirement and work towards that to get immediate recognition and provide immediate value to the organization and demonstrate our expertise. Hard work is very important to achieve the target goal. If we build something that people can readily respect, our shortcomings, too, will come to be seen as the exception to the rule, not the rule itself.
Associate our brand with something glamorous and valuable, and we will become valuable, too.
We need to create business and make profit for the organization to come to limelight. Am I doing right job? Generating enough profit for the organization? Proving value daily? If we are generating a lot of revenue for an organization, the people-in charge simply have to listen to us.
“Team player” is very critical attribute, when we grow in organization; it is my people who push me to go high. I have to be with the people and with the help of the team we have to achieve the success which counts at the end of the day.
The statement is always true, “my boss is always right”, need to understand the boss’s requirements and help them to achieve their target. We always look for right people who can support us, help us to achieve “MY” goal, he has to be loyal. Same way we have to be loyal to our boss. Boss wants constant input from you. He/she is in constant brainstorming with you to get ideas and inputs. He/she is needs continuous feedback directly or indirectly. Support him/her. We need to identify the strength and weakness of our Boss. Learn from his/her strength and help him/her in weak areas. Do home work to help for those weak areas. Boss’s goal is your goal. Maintain Boss’s reputation.
A boss who trusts you will give you opportunities that will allow you to be considered executive material. Early in our career, experience is more valuable than money. Based on today’s experience our future stands. So focus on more work, more responsibility.of course initial days of the career upper management will enjoy the material benefit but expertise which you will build will reward at latest period of time

We have to increase likability factor in organization. People should feel like to be with me. We should continuously radiate knowledge, humor etc to attract people towards me. Sometimes a single embarrassment is enough to alter people’s opinion of you forever.
Be cautious about judging other people too quickly on the basis of their appearance. We have to confirm our assumption.
We have to value time. Every day we are building our image. Our each and every action is noticed by my team members. So maintaining meeting time and punctuality is very important.
Build a team with best people. Surround yourself with best people. Your people should constantly challenge you with right questions for right outcome.Understand the customer concern as they are your fund manager...
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